portraitJasmine R. Burton, Ph.D., founder of Essence Psychological Health Services, PLLC is a licensed psychologist practicing in the greater Houston area. A native of the Bronx, New York, Dr. Burton loves the vibrancy and diversity of large cities. Dr. Burton’s approach to therapy and treatment is largely influenced by multicultural and feminist theories.

Dr. Burton has a strong passion for assisting clients on their journey for optimal mental health and wellness. Dr. Burton has extensive experience working with historically underserved groups such as women, ethnic and racial minorities, juveniles, the severely and persistently mentally ill, and incarcerated populations. She specializes in treating individuals across the life span facing such issues as adjustment/transitional difficulties, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, relationship issues, trauma/abuse and women’s mental health issues.

Dr. Burton holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston and an M.S. in Counseling from the State University of New York, University at Albany. She is also a proud alumna of Union College where she studied Psychology, Sociology and Africana Studies. She has also trained in criminal justice settings where she provided assessment, individual and group therapy, and crisis services to the culturally diverse female and male inmate population.

Dr. Burton has published and presented on such topics, as women’s mental health, sexual scripts within Hip-Hop culture, multicultural theory, and racial identity development. Her clinical and research interests center on women’s mental health and sexuality, trauma and women’s reproductive issues. And her personal and professional aspirations are fueled by a desire to empower through psychotherapy as a tool for social justice.

Ethical. Empathic. Respectful.

Dr. Burton’s personal and professional experiences have taught her that people are largely defined by their experiences of connection to others. She believes that relationships can be the source from where psychological distress can arise and can be resolved. Given these beliefs, she has come to take a theoretical approach that incorporates theory and techniques from multiple approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral, solution focused, systems, multicultural and feminist theories, and selectively combine them into an existing conceptual model, interpersonal process theory. Using this approach, the relationship serves as the foundation on which to address behaviors, thoughts, feelings and interpersonal patterns that impede effective functioning.

A key component to Dr. Burton’s work with all her clients is a consideration of how each person’s layered cultural realities shape their experiences. As an African American woman that grew up in a low-income, ethnically diverse, urban area, Dr. Burton understands the ways that one’s racial and socioeconomic context can shape one’s identity, worldview, challenges, and avenues for change.  Her work is enhanced by her growing understanding and acknowledgment of the interconnectedness of multiple cultural factors on mental illness and psychological wellness. In addition, awareness of her own biases helps Dr. Burton to work competently and provide care that is ethical, empathic, and respectful.

Jasmine R. Burton, Ph. D

Owner & Licensed Psychologist

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